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The euro area is back on the brink of recession

The Economist | 01/23/2019

After two decades of recession, it should not be surprising.  IT BEGAN AS a joke: the Twitter hashtag #euroboom tacked on to news of any sign, no matter how faint,…

At Davos, CEOs Privately Vented Over Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s Economic Policies

Shawn Donnan and Jun Luo | Bloomberg | 01/23/2019

Business leaders used a rar...

Liam Fox vows UK will be ‘champions of free trade’ as he arrives in Davos on Brexit quest

Joe Gamp | Express | 01/23/2019

LIAM Fox is heading to the World Eco...

25% auto tariffs could cause EU and Japan to slip into recession, hit the financial markets

Tay Peck Gek | Business Times | 01/23/2019

WHILE everyone’s atte...

Japan’s PM seeks trade reform as risks to world economy loom

Pan Pylas and Jamey Keaten | Associated Press | 01/23/2019

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Japan’s prime ...

Emerging economies warn on US trade aggression

Chris Giles | Financial Times | 01/23/2019

The US is posing possibly an existential threat to the global rules-base...

China’s Economy, by the Numbers, Is Worse Than It Looks

Keith Bradsher | The New York Times | 01/22/2019

BEIJING — China’s economy is slowing, and the slowdown ...


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