WITA’s NextGenTrade® initiative focuses on emergent trade issues that will be at the center of trade discussions, negotiations and disputes in the years to come.


Global Value Chain Policy Series: Gender

Stephanie Barrientos and Charlotte Pallangyo | World Economic Forum | 09/14/2018

Global Value Chain Policy Series: Gender Global value chains (GVCs) are closely associated with the global sourcing of labour-intensive consumer goods from suppliers in developing countries. Women have been drawn…

Retooling Trade Agreements for Social Inclusion

Gregory Shaffer | University of Illinois | 07/25/2018

International trade law has been oblivious to social inclus...

Internet Trend Reports

Mary Meeker | Kleiner Perkins | 05/30/2018

Internet Trend Reports We use data to tell stories of business-related trends we focus on. We h...

Digital Australia: An Economic and Trade Agenda

Joshua P. Meltzer | Brookings Institution | 05/15/2018

The capacity of the Australian economy to grow and deliver...

Supply Chain in the Software Era

BEAU WOODS AND ANDY BOCHMAN | The Atlantic Council | 05/09/2018

As the energy sector has become more globalized and increasingly ...


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