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10/18/2018 U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement : What’s New in NAFTA 2.0?

WITA | 10/18/2018

Thursday October 18, 2018, WITA discussed the new provisions under the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.   U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement : What’s New in NAFTA 2.0?: By Ben Stevens On Thursday, October 18th, 2018,…

National Security & International Trade

WITA | 09/19/2018

WITA held an event where an expert panel discussed developments in National Security and Internatio...

WITA NAFTA Series Event: Where Are We Now?

WITA | 09/13/2018

WITA hosted an expert panel that discussed the changes being negotiated, the process for ratification...

WITF/WITA 2018 Annual Awards Dinner

WITA | 07/30/2018

WITA held its Annual Awards Dinner, also known as the “Trade Prom”, providing an excellent oppor...

Two Big Trade Issues, One Big Event: NAFTA & China

WITA | 06/21/2018

WITA hosted an event with expert panelists from across the trade and political spectrum ...

Impacts of a Trade War With China

WITA | 05/17/2018

WITA welcomed an expert panel to discuss the impacts of a trade war with China. They examined areas of potenti...

China 2025: A Look at China Today and Where it is Heading

WITA | 05/03/2018

WITA hosted an expert panel to discuss the economic and political issues underlining t...


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