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Trade System Dysfunction Reflects Collective Failure

Stephen Olson | Hinrich Foundation | 04/02/2019

China has exercised its sovereign right to chart its own economic development path, opting for a system of state-directed capitalism and a centrally managed economy.  The result has been one of…

Trump’s plan to bypass Congress on trade with Japan

Bruce Hirsh | Politico | 04/02/2019

Excerpt: …What if the Trump administration has in mind a staged approach...

Why Brexit Will Damage Europe

Sigmar Gabriel | Project Syndicate | 03/27/2019

January 30, 2019 | The European Union will not shatter in the wake of Brexit, and it...

Trade And Conversation: A Book Review Of The Monk Of Mokha

Lauren Kyger | Trade Vistas | 03/22/2019

As the espresso machine hummed in the background and the smell...

China’s Foreign Investment Law and U.S. – China Trade Friction

Shannon Tiezzi | The Diplomat | 03/19/2019

On March 15, China’s National People’s Congress ...

Quiet, But Important, Progress in Transatlantic Trade

Barbara C. Matthews | Atlantic Council | 03/18/2019

Amid the chaos over Brexit, few have noticed the quiet, ...

Between Brexit and a hard place

Douglas A. Rediker | Brookings | 03/14/2019

On March 12, the British Parliament overwhelmingly voted down Prime Minister Theresa M...


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