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Trade Promotion Authority: Driving Trade Deals on the Fast Track to Congressional Approval

Andrea Durkin | 05/18/2018

The current authority enshrined in the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 is authorized through July 1, 2021 unless the Congress moves to enact a resolution disapproving its extension…

Might Unmakes Right: The American Assault on the Rule of Law in World Trade

James Bacchus | 05/18/2018

As Thucydides taught in his Melian Dialogue, there are alwa...

Rebooting U.S.-China Trade Ties: “Enter Ye Through the Narrow Gate”

Chris Johnson | 05/16/2018

Nearly two weeks after the U.S. “Trade Avengers” unleashed duri...

Canada and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Recap and Scoresheet

Dan Ciuriak | 05/01/2018

On March 8, 2018, Canada signed the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreemen...

Assessing UK Trade Policy Readiness

David Hanig | 04/19/2018

The UK is setting out on the path of an independent trade policy at a difficult time. Public interest...


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