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The Return to Protectionism

Pablo Fajgelbaum, Pinelopi Goldberg, Patrick Kennedy & Amit Khandelwal | VoxEU | 04/12/2019

The 2018 tariff hikes reversed a decades-long push by the US for lower global trade barriers around the world. This column examines the impact of the resulting trade war on the US economy….

The WTO Panel Report on Article XXI and its Impact on Section 232 Actions

Terence P. Stewart and Shahrzad Noorbaloochi | Stewart and Stewart | 04/11/2019

On Frida...

Innocent Bystanders: Why the U.S.-China Trade War Hurts African Economies

Judd Devermont & Catherine Chiang | Center for Strategic & International Studies | 04/09/2019

Grading China’s Belt and Road

Daniel Kliman, Rush Doshi, Kristine Lee, and Zack Cooper | Center for a New American Security | 04/08/2019

Since its launch in...

The Data Are Clear: Remove Tariffs on China

Riley Walters | The Heritage Foundation | 04/05/2019

The Trump Administration has been increasing the cost of goods fr...


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