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Sweden, UK and the EU: Managing post-Brexit Relations and Defining a new Agenda for European Competitiveness

David Henig | European Centre for International Political Economy | 02/28/2019

There is an urgent need to move on from the shock of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, and all the melodrama in the past two years over…

An empirical analysis of effective trade costs and the current account

Emine Boz, Nan Li, and Hongrui Zhang | VoxEU | 02/28/2019

It is commonly observed that econ...

Macro reasons to loath protectionism

Davide Furceri, Swarnali Ahmed Hannan, Jonathan D. Ostry, and Andrew Rose | VoxEU | 02/27/2019

It seems an appropriate time t...

Analysis of Issues Related to Maritime Transportation to Puerto Rico

Advantage Business Consulting | 02/25/2019

Puerto Rico is a small and open economy that depen...

China’s Massive Belt and Road Initiative

Andrew Chatzky and James McBride | Council on Foreign Relations | 02/21/2019

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is the mo...

India-Venezuela Relations- A Case Study in Oil Diplomacy

Hari Seshasayee | The Wilson Center | 02/21/2019

The year is 2007. Iran is India’s second-largest source ...


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