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‘It’s Time to Accept that Not Every Nation Wants to be Friends’

Nadia Schadlow | Hudson Institute | 09/15/2018

World leaders meeting this week in New York for the UN General Assembly are a diverse crowd, including allies and partners as well as adversaries and competitors. One thing many…

U.S.-China trade war has its seeds in the financial crisis

David Dollar | Brookings Institution | 09/14/2018

I was living in Beijing when the global financial cr...

Economic Impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Washington State

Washington Council on International Trade | 09/14/2018

Economic Impacts of the Trans-Pacific...

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

USTR | 09/14/2018

The United States commenced bilateral trade negotiations with Canada more than 30 years ago, result...

Trade and Food Security Are Linked — and Both Are In Danger

Dan Glickman | Aspen Institute | 09/12/2018

2018 has been a tough year in agriculture. Heat, drought...

Mercosur: South America’s Fractious Trade Bloc

Claire Felter and Danielle Renwick | Council on Foreign Relations | 09/10/2018

Introduction Mercosur is an econo...


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