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Taking Trade to the Streets: The Lost History of Public Efforts to Shape Globalization by Susan Ariel Aaronson Trade and the American Dream: A Social History of Postwar Trade Policy by Susan Ariel Aaronson Against the Tide by Douglas Irwin Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century by Jeffry A. Friedan Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade by Pietra Rivoli International Political Economy: Perspectives on Global Power and Wealth by Jeffry A. Friedan, David A. Lake, J. Lawrence Broz Debates in International Political Economy Thomas Oatley The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time by Karl Polanyi This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff Trade Under Fire by Douglas Irwin If you are a current YTP member and would like to make a suggestion regarding other important trade-related books, please send your suggestions to Thank you for your input!