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Are Tariff Worries Cutting into Business Investment?

David Altig, Nick Bloom, Steven J. Davis, Brent Meyer, and Nick Parker | 08/08/2018

“Nobody’s model does a very good job of how uncertainty and hits to confidence affect behavior,” says Deutsche Bank’s Peter Hooper in a recent Wall Street Journal article. Count us as sympathetic…

U.S. Readies to Slap Duties on $16 Billion of Chinese Goods

Andrew Mayeda | 08/08/2018

The U.S. said it will begin imposing 25 percent duties on an additional $16...

Trump’s Tariffs Are Changing Trade With China. Here Are 2 Emerging Endgames.

Keith Bradsher | 08/08/2018

BEIJING — The United States and China have sparred repe...

Why Republicans don’t push back on Trump’s China tariffs

John Seungmin Kuk, Deborah Seligsohn and Jiakun Jack Zhang | 08/07/2018

On Friday, Beijing announced ...

Trump’s ‘Great Deal’ With South Korea Jeopardized by Car Tariff Dispute

Kwanwoo Jun | 08/07/2018

SEOUL—South Korea is threatening to block a revised free-tr...

Scoop: White House confronts tech’s tariff jitters

David McCabe | 08/07/2018

White House officials sought to reassure tech industry representatives at a private...

How to Solve the WTO Judicial Crisis

James Bacchus | 08/07/2018

The World Trade Organization is facing an existential crisis because of bullying by President Tru...


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