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Chinese leadership is facing a rare backlash for its handling of the US trade dispute

Ben Blanchard and Kevin Yao | 08/10/2018

A growing trade war with the United States is causing rifts within China’s Communist Party, with some critics saying that an overly nationalistic Chinese stance may have hardened the U.S….

U.S. and Mexico Target Nafta Cars Deal by End of Week

Eric Martin | 08/09/2018

U.S. and Mexican negotiators are working to reach a Nafta cars deal this week that ...

U.S. Seafood Industry Vulnerable to Tariffs Aimed at China

Heather Haddon and Jesse Newman | 08/09/2018

The next round of U.S. tariffs aimed at Chinese imports co...

Should the US and China give up on a deal?

Derek Scissors | 08/09/2018

The $68 billion affected thus far in the US-China trade standoff is a tiny fraction of econ...

US tariffs risk hitting highest levels for 50 years, says ECB

Claire Jones | 08/09/2018

The European Central Bank has warned that US tariffs are in danger of reac...

You Live in Robert Lighthizer’s World Now

Quinn Slobodian | 08/08/2018

Last month, U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, sat th...

South Carolina manufacturer says it’s closing plant over Trump tariffs

Aris Folley | 08/08/2018

Element Electronics, a consumer electronics company in South...


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