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Is the Trade War Causing Manufacturers to Leave China? Yes and No.

Andrea Durkin | TradeVistas | 12/19/2018

It’s Not Just U.S. Manufacturers | For now, the frontline of the trade war is between the governments of the United States and China. But the U.S.-China trade relationship is…

Evaluating the New NAFTA

Simon Lester and Inu Manak | CATO | 10/03/2018

Evaluating the New NAFTA There’s a lot in the new NAFTA (technically, the US-Mexico-Canad...

Timeless Wisdom During A Trade War

Stephen Lamar, Executive Vice Present, American Apparel & Footwear Association | 08/01/2018

How do global value chains fare du...

On the Current State of the World Trading System

Alan Wolff | 04/04/2018

WASHINGTON, DC – April 4, 2018–My object today is to sort through the noise of the curren...

The Broken Multilateral Trade Dispute System

Terence P. Stewart | 02/07/2018

INTRODUCTION WASHINGTON, DC – February 7th, 2018 – The World Trade Organization (WTO...

The New Realities of Trade (and Global Value Chains)

Magnus Rentzhog | 10/11/2017

WITA’s NextGenTrade™ series on The Future of Trade and Global Value Chains is ex...

Global Value Chains and the Changing Demands on Trade Policy

Kimberly Ann Elliott | 07/27/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – June, 2017–Tariffs and import quotas are no longer...


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