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The Impact of Rules of Origin on Supply Chains: USMCA’s Auto Rules as a Case Study

William Alan Reinsch and Jack Caporal | CSIS | 04/04/2019

In recent decades, supply chains have become more global while bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTA) have continued to grow in popularity. For free trade agreements to operate as…

NAFTA to USMCA: What is Gained?

Mary E. Burfisher, Frederic Lambert, and Troy D Matheson | IMF | 03/26/2019

The North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) betwee...

The distributional consequences of NAFTA and the 2016 US presidential election vote

Raphael Auer, Barthélémy Bonadio and Andrei Levchenko | VoxEU | 02/07/2019

Resources Alone Won’t Advance Canada-India Ties

Kevin Carmichael | Centre for International Governance Innovation | 10/29/2018

Resources Alone Won’t ...


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